Who can do it?

Donne over 40Normally our program donation of ova orgametes is indicated for women in menopause or are at risk of transmitting genetic disorders, or who have undergone removal of the ovaries. Moreover, among the potential patients in the practices of heterologous fertilization there may be women who have had several failures of IVF or who can not use their own eggs for health reasons. From forty years on, the chances of procreation of a woman siabbassano considerably, but thanks to the techniques of assisted fertilizationpracticed by Dr. Scotto in CIFE, pregnancy has a high chance of achieving success,reducing the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, such as , for example, that of the Down syndrome. In any case, if the age is a limit you can only know after an interview and the analysis of the case, as at the international level every country has its own legislation on the matter.