Oocyte Cryopreservation

The CIFE operates a bank in which eggs are stored for later fertilization, using one of the newest and most effective techniques for super-fast freezing: vitrification.

Freezing of ova allows to preserve female fertility when, for example, to the need to make a medical treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery of the ovaries) might be involved in a serious problem of sterility.

This technique also allowed to delay the time of pregnancy for those women who for a variety of personal reasons, they decided to wait, but without losing the chance to become mothers.

The freezing of eggs is giving its best results when freezing ova arrived at full maturity.Therefore, prior to the extraction of ova, it is established practice, make a hormonal treatment that the number of mature eggs is as large as possible. The operation of extraction is by puncture and aspiration of ovarian follicles that contain eggs in fluttuazione.Quest ‘operation, although minimally invasive, require practice a little anesthesia, which will keep the patient asleep for about twenty minutes. In each case the input is not provided in the hospital.

In summary, the operation of extraction of ova for vitrification is identical to the first phase of the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The eggs well preserved, can be stored for years. Then, when she so decides, can proceed to thaw for fertilization.