The CIFE, International Centre for Heterologous fertilization, is a very high level in the treatment of sterility in couples.

fecondazione eterologa - Anche una coppia di donne può procreareThanks to the donation of ova or sperm, The CIFE performs fertilization techniquesheterologous and homologous assisted. The medical direction of the International Centre for Heterologous fertilization is entrusted to Dr.Anthony Scotto, a gynecologist who specializes in treating couples inferred and experienced in medically assisted procreation.

The cutting edge techniques continued attention to the latest scientific discoveries in the field of heterologous fertilization, gives you the chance to practice all the CIFE most advanced techniques of medically assisted procreation, also known as PMA. After examination, treatment, until implantation techniques, the couple will be followed at all times by the experts of CIFE, that having gained experience diagnostic decades, will give assurance to patients, which will be charged only the necessary techniques to conception.

Psychological support
Dr. Scotto alongside a team of skilled professionals is able to offer all the assistance you need psychological couples who undergo medically assisted fertilization techniques heterologous.The stress that can arise through the various stages ranging from medical investigations, diagnosis, up to the application of one of the many techniques of medically assisted procreation may also be because of a failure, without adequate psychological support.
As in many respects, procreation is the result of a result of actions, scientifically known on which you can intervene medically, we are convinced that this delicate process must be supported emotionally in the best way possible.

High rates of birth!
Thousands of successes in recent years in the practice of heterologous fertilization are the result of a constant effort that qualifies us as one of the centers of artificial insemination, heterologousand not at international level.